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12 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. Please sketch our the Business Analyst role. It would really help our organization. Love how you did the ScrumMaster sketch.

  2. I have some of these drawings pasted up at my office in Bern, Switzerland. I just taped them up today, and already two people have asked me about them. (We’re not Agile yet, but we have some aspirations to go that way.)

    So don’t be surprised when this blog suddenly starts getting traffic from Heidi-land.

  3. Len – These sketches are a great help in describing agile to co-workers, especially those that aren’t on the development team. Do you mind if I download/print them?

    Thank you!
    Janet Ziems

      • Thanks, Len!

        I originally discovered your blog after you spoke at the AgileIndy meeting in 2014. I explored it at the time, but am now able to dig in deeper. Your blog is a great resource!


  4. is it ok to use these in presentations as long as u are credited and I promote your site! Not selling anything just using to get point across to my team and co-workers