My name is Len Lagestee and I am currently an Agile Coach and Consultant based in Chicago. I began my own personal journey with Agile in 2004 and since that time I have been practicing or coaching Agile practices everywhere I have been. In 2010, I became the Agile Practice Leader at Cars.com and in 2011, I started writing this blog, Illustrated Agile. It started with some sketches I drew to explain our approach to business agility, the Scrum Master role, and an approach to developing an Agile Framework. It has since evolved…

One of the first things our Agile coach and friend, Si Alhir, said to me during the Cars.com Agile Transformation Journey was to keep a journal. Not thinking of myself as journalist (or a writer), I reluctantly agreed and began writing. First one or two sentences a day, then a few paragraphs, and before long, pages were filled.

So emerging from the ramblings in my journal are the posts you will find on Illustrated Agile. The posts are generally aligned to three topics I find crucial to a vibrant Agile organization.

Incredible Teams. From childhood, I can remember the feeling of being on incredible teams. From baseball in grade school and high school, to 12″ softball teams in my 20’s, to development teams at work, to climbing mountains with friends, I have loved being a part of teams that do amazing things together. Many of the posts will focus on how to become a vibrant Agile community and team and how the Scrum Master can help.

Organizational Change. Some organizations will wrap their software develop processes in time boxes, start having stand up meetings, and claim “We’re agile!” I believe it is so much more than that. Enterprise agility focuses on the entire organization rallying around a shared vision based on the needs of our customers. Experimenting and testing. Inspecting and adapting. When enterprise agility becomes a part of the DNA of an organization, change is a part of everyday life.

Transformational Leadership. An often overlooked element of Agile transformation journeys is the role of leadership. Much more than just leadership “buy-in”, there is very little discussed around how leaders will need to change as well. They are not just observers in the process but participants. Many of my posts will describe ways leaders can be involved in an Agile organization.

Hopefully, you will find the site informational and thought-provoking. If so, please comment or share with your social network.

You can email me at len -at- illustratedagile.com or connect on LinkedIn.


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  1. I have really enjoyed your blog. You have a great way with words! I am struggling with the format/ content of performance reviews for members of agile teams. I would really appreciate your thoughts about how the performance of agile team members could be measured, in a way that reinforces the agile mindset. You did an awesome job with the SCRUM master role.
    We really need this for the team members. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Sue and thanks for reading! We definitely need a new approach and new thinking on how we can make performance reviews much more meaningful, relevant, and timely. A couple blog posts related to performance reviews will be posted in the next couple weeks. In the meantime, feel free to email me any specific questions you may have. Thanks!

  2. Hey there,

    I just signed up for the newsletter, looks good. Problem: the link to the Agile Team Health Dashboard is broken. Looks like it’s not got the full path in the link. Thought you might want to fix it.

    – Andrew