Agile Leadership Engagement Grid

As we continue our Agility transformation, we have been establishing how our leadership teams will engage with our product teams now that we have become an Agile organization. We have focused primarily on when and how organizational vision is created by senior leadership and how that vision is translated to our product teams with the director level leaders playing an important role. Our director level leaders are playing a role in our Agile framework called “Oversight” as seen in the diagram below.

Here is a description of each cell:

SENIOR LEADERSHIP/LONG-TERM  Establishing the vision for our organization and the roles in our framework.

OVERSIGHT/MID-TERM  Planning our technology and team needs based on the vision. Asking the question “Are they ready?” to our career managers to prepare for any training necessary for our people.

PRODUCT TEAM/SHORT-TERM  Delivering the vision using our Agile framework.

OVERSIGHT/SHORT-TERM  Removing impediments that cannot be resolved by the team.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP/SHORT-TERM  Encouraging and cheerleading the teams. Monitoring the progress teams are making relative to the key performance indicators established during the vision creation.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP/MID-TERM  Supporting the oversight planning and product team preparation efforts by providing funding and investment decisions.

PRODUCT TEAM/MID-TERM  Preparing to deliver by creating a road map with cross-team, architectural road map, or technical dependencies identified and accounted for.

PRODUCT TEAM/LONG-TERM  Learning the needs of our customers and future technology advancements. Ongoing product team discovery should feed the creation of the organization vision.

OVERSIGHT/LONG-TERM  Partnering between Senior Leadership and the Product Teams. Vision sharing and product learning are an important element to this collaboration.

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