Extreme Positivity – Agile 2011 Keynote

Being intentionally and overwhelmingly positive. While I think most of us try to be positive most of the time, the Positive Emotions keynote address from Barbara Fredrickson reminded me to take it to another level and decide to be a positive force everyday. Being positive generally means focusing your thoughts and actions on others, not easy when most of our thoughts are thoughts about ourselves. Barbara mentioned scientific studies have proven that when people experience positive emotions, they…

…see more possibilities.
…are more creative.
…are more resilient.
…perform better.
…are more inclusive of others.
…see more connection and overlap.
…come up with more ways to help.
…have more oneness.
…have more trust.

Regardless of what methodology or industry you are in, I’m thinking that the impact of increasing ANY of these things in our organizations would be a good thing and imagine the possibilities if we could see most of them happening. Powerful stuff…be positive.

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