Help! My Company is Stuck… (Part 1)

My coaching engagements often bring me to organizations well underway with an Agile transformation or have attempted, with little impact, an Agile transformation in the past. After a short time of observation, it becomes apparent some of these organizations are stuck between the old and the new…and the strong pull of the old provides easy […]

When Agile Meets a “Non-Agile” Vendor

Complications, contention, and complexities will often emerge when attempting to integrate a non-Agile vendor implementation within an Agile organization or team. From my experience, many vendors already have a phased project plan template established for their portion of the work and this can seem somewhat. What is an Agile team to do if they are […]

Join me and the fine folks from Agile Indy as I share a few thoughts from the book, Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition. We’ll be talking about ways to find, encourage, and foster catalysts to accelerate positive culture change.

More details here:

Date: September 10, 2014
Time: 05:30 p.m.
Event: Agile Indy Meetup: Becoming a Catalyst
Topic: Becoming a Catalyst
Venue: Monon Community Center
Location: 1235 Central Park Dr E
Caramel, IN
Public: Public

Fostering the Culture of Agility with Servant Leadership

The phrase “servant leadership” is frequently used when current leadership styles (typically command-and-control) clash with an emerging culture of empowerment and self-organization. “We need our leaders to embody servant leadership” is a comment I recently heard. But what is servant leadership? Do people really know what they are asking for? As Patrick Lencioni states “I’m tired of […]

The Heart Rate Monitor

My desk where I’m currently coaching is surrounded by three Agile teams. Periodically, I’ll just watch and listen to each of them and before long, the heart beat of each team begins to reveal itself. Under “normal” conditions the teams will have a nice steady pulse. They have planned their work effectively, they are having […]