Episode Seven: The Joy (and Pain) of Leaving

The Illustrated Agile Podcast CoverThis day always comes and it always will…but it never gets easier.

In the post “An Exit Strategy for the Agile Coach,” I discussed the journey from the time a coach arrives until the time has come for them to go. This arc of interaction starts with our combined energy and ends with the bonds of community.

Listen in as Len Lagestee discusses how being intentional with specific behaviors when we arrive will create the opportunity for these bonds to develop and strengthen. From the blog post “The Joy (and Pain) of Leaving.”

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Episode Six: Change, or Else!

The Illustrated Agile Podcast CoverMaybe we should change. Change! We really better change. Oh, forget it.

Most organizations know they need to change to keep up with our fast-paced world. Some ignore this need, others demand it, while even more will try to change through sheer willpower.

Listen in as Len Lagestee welcomes Season Two of The Illustrated Agile Podcast by discussing how organizations can welcome and embrace their need to change and how they can embed change into everyday work. From the blog post “Change, or Else!”

Link mentioned in the post:
Get on Board or Get Out! A Leaders Ultimate Ultimatum

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Episode Five: Resolutions

The Illustrated Agile Podcast CoverAll day…every day. Thousands of micro-choices we make individually will ultimately reflect the collective organizational culture we deserve. There are no shortcuts. Our culture is the sum of how we behave with each other.

Listen to Len Lagestee share a few thoughts on the blog post “Resolutions for Agile Catalysts Everywhere” and discuss a few areas to strengthen our choices and be an influence for positive change in 2017.

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Episode Four: An Exit Strategy for the Agile Coach

The Illustrated Agile Podcast CoverAgile coach Len Lagestee digs deeper into the post “An Exit Strategy for the Agile Coach.” An Agile coach should be thinking about shaping an environment where people in an organization can learn and self-heal, can sustain the change they are seeking, are becoming inventive, and are frequently producing results with agility. By “beginning with the end,” we can help companies navigate the twists and turn of personal growth and collective resilience.

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An Exit Strategy for the Agile Coach

The End is Just the Beginning

My entire mission as a coach can be summed up by answering one question: How fast can I make myself no longer necessary? Well, it’s not as extreme as it sounds but from the first moment I begin coaching in an organization, I’m working to foster an environment where the momentum of change and growth is naturally generated […]

Episode Three: Even Happier Product Owners

The Illustrated Agile Podcast CoverThe role of a product owner in an organization transforming to greater agility brings its share of challenges but can also be quite fulfilling. Listen to Len Lagestee talk about the blog post “Even Happier Product Owners” and share his experiences when coaching the amazing people in this linchpin role.

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Episode Three Show Notes:

Even Happier Product Owners

Many years ago I suggested a noble cause for Scrum Masters…to create an amazing workplace and to have happy product owners. Pretty simple right? While measuring the happiness of others will always be subjective, the premise of this noble cause is to stress the importance of creating an environment for product owners to thrive and […]