Shaping Your Leadership Legacy

The success or failure of leaders are often measured with¬†quantifiable metrics – stock price, shareholder value, revenue, expenses, sales, profit – to name a few. In a capitalistic system, focusing on results-based metrics are an important dimension to remaining a viable enterprise… …but something seems to be missing. While preparing for a presentation later this […]

The Importance of Importance

A friend of mine shared a negative experience he recently had with their boss. I won’t get into details of this specific incident but it sounded like this was one in a string of behaviors in which he was left feeling, in his words, “totally unimportant.” The dictionary says we know something is important when […]

Four Characteristics of Memorable Mentors

I have been blessed with many great mentors throughout my career, especially recently. Some of these were formal mentors, while others were informal mentors such as colleagues, bosses or friends. Either way, it is great to have someone you can trust and share your craziest ideas and biggest fears with. After you’ve spoken with a […]

Introducing the Agile Leadership Engagement Model E-Book

Earlier this year, I published 9 blog posts walking through an Agile Leadership Engagement Model. You can now download all 9 posts in one convenient document. To be a nimble, adaptable, and agile organization facing new challenges and complexities, traditionally accepted leadership practices from the past must be radically changed. This will require more than […]

The Caring Leader and the Tour de France

This weekend is the start of the 100th running of the Tour de France. I have always been a fan of the race partly because of the beautiful course locations but mostly because of the incredible physical test the cyclists must endure over three grueling weeks. Last year before the Tour de France I wrote […]

Personal Connection vs. Bringing Condemnation

The words we use with our people will leave a lasting impact. This will always be true for leaders and there is no way around it. When we use critical, demeaning, or harsh words we leave “scar tissue” and it may never go away. This scar tissue often takes the shape of guilt, fear, or […]

Finding Organizational Flow (Part 9 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

Becoming an organization with agility at its core will require a natural pull and flow between leadership and product teams. Especially as companies grow larger, this conduit between the organizational vision created by senior leadership, strategic planning by mid-level leaders, and the product vision created by the product owner has a tendency to become smaller […]

Learning About Our Customers (Part 8 of the Agile Engagement Leadership Series)

If a product has been flagged as “invest” during planning, the product owner and team should be in a continuous flow of discovering valuable features to deliver for that product. They should be learning everything about who is (or could be) using their product. The output of learning and discovering our users is captured in […]

Preparing to Deliver (Part 7 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

One of the most challenging situations an Agile organization will encounter will be the coordination of dependencies and releases across product teams, operational or support groups, and areas of the company not using Agile methodology. With the organizational vision in place and agile teams established, product owners will begin to determine the features to be […]

Supporting Team Planning (Part 6 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

While mid-level leaders are planning how to build out the vision ¬†(part two of the series) and when the product owner and teams are creating product roadmaps (covered in the next post), senior leaders should play a supporting role. Depending on the size of your organization, the planning (or portfolio management) for your product teams […]