So, You’ve Just Joined a Struggling Team

It will happen to most of us eventually. We are asked (told) to join a team having difficulties and turn things around. The team may be challenged with missed deadlines, dysfunctional relationships and low morale, being over budget or behind schedule, or a lack of discipline and organization – and you are going to be […]

Building Out the Vision (Part 2 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

If you are a director, senior manager or manager in an Agile organization, this post is for you. With an organizational vision in place, you will be expected to plan and build the teams and systems necessary to deliver on that vision. You are the conduit between vision and implementation…not an easy task! The challenge […]

Conflicts and Collisions in an Agile Environment

Have you ever been on a team when everything was “perfect” and conflict was avoided? Decisions were delayed and unique perspectives rarely brought forth. Perhaps you have been on a team with the other extreme – constant debates and collisions between team members were the norm. Conflict or disagreement within a team is inevitable but […]

Agile Team Size and the Ringelmann Effect

Teams influence individual performance in many ways. In a previous post, we talked about the Köhler effect – the impact of having team members with lesser skills working with stronger teammates to improve performance. In this case, being a part of a team is providing a positive influence. Another potential dynamic may be affecting your team […]