Make Building Incredible Teams a Focus for 2013

I have written in the past how leaders will need to change how they lead and how organizations will need to be structured differently to stay competitive in the future. The demand for talent will continue to grow and only those who can adapt to these changes will thrive. This may not happen for years […]

How to Measure Team Agility

If you have led, coached, or participated in an organizational transformation to Agile, it will be just a matter of time before someone asks “How do we know if we are truly Agile?” or “How do we know if our Agile teams are healthy and doing well?” Good questions often coming from leadership. I have […]

Scrum Master Interview Questions

Hiring a Scrum Master? Interviewing a Scrum Master? Here are 28 interview questions or scenarios to consider: Phone Interview Questions I would use these questions to quickly determine if a candidate has a base understanding of Scrum and should be brought in for in-person interviews. In two minutes or so and at a high level, describe […]

There’s a Glitch in the Matrix – Getting an Agile Team Back into Flow

One of the attributes of a healthy Agile organization are teams being in a state of flow. You can easily tell when a team is in flow. There is a sense of purpose and vision, there is very little stress, there is laughter and comraderie. They are committed to each other, and when a challenge […]

Retrospectives – A Time of Gratitude and Renewal

I believe retrospectives can be a powerful component to building an organization focused on agility and continuous improvement. But beyond asking what we can do better and what we should stop doing, the retrospective can also become a time of acknowledgment and an oasis in an otherwise stressful and demanding world. First, the retrospective can […]

Retrospective Cookies

One of my Scrum Masters used Retrospective Cookies from @weisbart this morning. These fortune cookies are made with thought-provoking questions inside and are delivered in a Chinese quart container.  The dialog that ensued was vibrant and meaningful and having a little snack during the meeting doesn’t hurt either.  Give them a try if your retrospectives […]