The Heart Rate Monitor

My desk where I’m currently coaching is surrounded by three Agile teams. Periodically, I’ll just watch and listen to each of them and before long, the heart beat of each team begins to reveal itself. Under “normal” conditions the teams will have a nice steady pulse. They have planned their work effectively, they are having […]

Summer Velocity

A quick tip for Scrum Masters as we head into the summer months. You may have recognized this in the past but the allure of sunshine and warm weather can impact the productivity of your team. A study by Captivate Network of 600 workers reveal a 20% decrease in productivity during the summer. There are […]

Who Should the Scrum Master Report To?

As medium-to-large companies begin to implement Agile, more and more Project Managers are transitioning to become Scrum Masters. Eventually, this question will come up…who should the Scrum Masters report to in an organizational hierarchy? Or, who should be the leader responsible for goal-setting, feedback, and salary administration for the Scrum Master? This dilemma was recently […]

4 Nonverbal Signals a Scrum Master Should Be Noticing

The Center for Nonverbal Studies has a fascinating webpage called The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, and Body Language Cues. While coaching teams, I recently began to intentionally look for many of these gestures and it is interesting to see how often these gestures and cues reveal what people would really want to say or […]

Becoming an Indispensable Scrum Master in 2013

At the beginning of last year, I posted Three Resolutions for Scrum Masters to bring in 2012. For 2013, let’s go beyond resolutions and emphasize how you can leverage your Scrum Master role to become an indispensable person on your team throughout the year. Focus on Building Community. I recently wrote about how we should […]