The Tester and Conversations About Quality

In two previous posts, When Developers and Testers Collide and Defending Your Position, we discussed the challenge Agile teams may have when shifting testing activities from a period of time after development is finished to become a collaborative activity occurring as close to the point of development as possible while the team is working in […]

When Developers and Testers Collide

In an¬†earlier post I discussed collisions and conflicts which may occur within an Agile environment. A common collision on Agile teams occurs between testers and developers so let’s dig into this scenario a little deeper. When we begin introducing agile into organizations, the impact is often strongly felt by the testing community. Testers are an […]

The Scrum Master and the Pursuit of Quality

Your team has struggled for the past couple sprints with production deployments having not gone smoothly. Defects are being reported and perhaps some complaints are creeping in around a poor customer experience. Throw in a couple rollbacks or hot-fixes and a trend is clearly starting to emerge. Developing software is not easy…throw in a complex […]