Even Happier Product Owners

Many years ago I suggested a noble cause for Scrum Masters…to create an amazing workplace and to have happy product owners. Pretty simple right? While measuring the happiness of others will always be subjective, the premise of this noble cause is to stress the importance of creating an environment for product owners to thrive and […]

8 Symptoms of an Ineffective Product Backlog

Some product backlogs seem to meld perfectly with their team while others are more of a detriment to productivity. An ineffective product backlog will impact the team in many ways. Team sizing activities become challenging, creating tasks from backlog items takes twice as long as it should, and frustration and lack of trust will be […]

Learning About Our Customers (Part 8 of the Agile Engagement Leadership Series)

If a product has been flagged as “invest” during planning, the product owner and team should be in a continuous flow of discovering valuable features to deliver for that product. They should be learning everything about who is (or could be) using their product. The output of learning and discovering our users is captured in […]

Preparing to Deliver (Part 7 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

One of the most challenging situations an Agile organization will encounter will be the coordination of dependencies and releases across product teams, operational or support groups, and areas of the company not using Agile methodology. With the organizational vision in place and agile teams established, product owners will begin to determine the features to be […]

Delivering the Vision (Part 3 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

A compelling vision is in place, agile teams have been established, hopefully filled with amazing and fully dedicated agile teammates. Using an Agile methodology, the teams begin to build product roadmaps and backlogs geared towards delivering on the organizational vision and meeting customer needs. All sounds perfect…or is it? Often missing in a transformation to […]

Creating the Organizational Vision (Part 1 of the Agile Leadership Engagement Series)

Many books and articles have been written over the years advocating the need for leaders to provide a vision or to be a visionary. While it’s easy to read and talk about vision it can be elusive for some to create and even harder to effectively communicate. But in our Agile Leadership Engagement Model it […]

A Powerful Partnership – Product Owners, Designers, and Architects

When making our transition to Agile last year, we moved from an organization focused on delivering projects to an organization focused on delivering value through product development. As part of this move to dedicated product teams, we leveraged an approach to establish a triangle of roles used to create and maintain the vision and roadmap […]