Meeting Resistance

Welcome to resistance…the tension is here. – Switchfoot (from the song “Dare You To Move”) If you are attempting to bring meaningful change into your organization through a transformation initiative (such as introducing Agile or something similar), you will meet resistance. Guaranteed. Your resistance may be a vocal cynic, the skeptical leader, a demoralized workforce, […]

Defending Your Position

In Peter Senge’s book, “The Fifth Discipline”, he mentions seven learning disabilities often going undetected in organizations. One of these learning disabilities is the tendency for people to identify themselves with their position. Mr. Senge calls this the “I am my position” learning disability and states: When people in organizations focus only on their position, […]

A Wildly Swinging Pendulum

In the post, “Working on a Beating Heart“, we discussed the challenge of improving culture and fixing processes while continuing to deliver value to customers. As organizations attempt to move quickly to improve their workplace and remain nimble, competitive, and viable, there is danger in introducing too much change or in introducing change too fast. […]

Releasing Organizational Scar Tissue

In a previous post, I mentioned how “scar tissue” begins to form in organizations. This scar tissue forms over time as a workforce becomes numbed or even wounded from negative experiences with leaders and co-workers. Organizational scar tissue is very similar to physical scar tissue as it… Can be long-lasting. Just as a simple scar […]

Working on a Beating Heart

It’s a very rare opportunity to be able to stop everything a company is doing to take the time to instill necessary transformational and behavioral changes. There are not many “do-overs” when it comes to company culture. We see it over and over – let’s learn how to work together and fix broken or outdated processes […]

Being a Catalyst for Change in a Large Organization

You may find yourself a part of an organization faced with what may seem to be daunting cultural issues. Bureaucracy and politics are the norm and bloated, unproductive processes has demoralized a good slice of your workforce. Sooner or later, leaders in the company will recognize change must come or they are forced into it […]

Make Your Agile Transformation Personal

If your organization has recently started a transformation journey to become Agile or if you were recently hired into an Agile organization, it’s important to acknowledge where you are personally with the change happening around you. Your personal journey through an organizational transformation or immersion into an Agile environment will be a unique experience for […]

Make Building Incredible Teams a Focus for 2013

I have written in the past how leaders will need to change how they lead and how organizations will need to be structured differently to stay competitive in the future. The demand for talent will continue to grow and only those who can adapt to these changes will thrive. This may not happen for years […]

How to Define Role Clarity in Your Agile Organization

When establishing your Agile framework, there will often be times when you will need to reconcile how roles should interact with each other. This will especially be the case with roles OUTSIDE of your framework such as with senior leadership and operations. To assist in finding role clarity, a “needs-based exercise” was developed to identify […]