The Curse of Allocation

Have you ever been assigned to multiple projects or teams at the same time? If so, I’m sure you have experienced the “curse of allocation.” You know how it goes. You are assigned to be 25% on this project and 50% on another one. Let’s throw in 20% to support an existing product and another […]

Becoming a Transformational Leader

Leadership during and after an Agile transformation will require a very different kind of leader. The days of command-and-control are being replaced by, as Steve Denning states in an article in Forbes, a new leadership “paradigm shift.” In my previous post, I talked about 5 questions a leader should ask themselves before undertaking a journey […]

How to Be an Amazing Agile Teammate

Being on an Agile team can be a fascinating and exciting yet daunting experience. Working in a highly social and fast-paced inspect and adapt Agile environment will require a team that is nimble, productive, and “in the zone.” The people comprising this team must operate within their role at a high level and focus on […]

The Beauty of Constraints (or, Why Agile Works)

I recently stumbled on this video from musician Jack White and it resonated with me. It’s worth the three minutes. In the video, he talks about inspiration, the value of putting in the work, and using constraints to force creativity. Some really insightful stuff. The way he intentionally sets up constraints to force a unique […]