Even Happier Product Owners

Many years ago I suggested a noble cause for Scrum Masters…to create an amazing workplace and to have happy product owners. Pretty simple right? While measuring the happiness of others will always be subjective, the premise of this noble cause is to stress the importance of creating an environment for product owners to thrive and […]

Help! My Company is Stuck… (Part 1)

My coaching engagements often bring me to organizations well underway with an Agile transformation or have attempted, with little impact, an Agile transformation in the past. After a short time of observation, it becomes apparent some of these organizations are stuck between the old and the new…and the strong pull of the old provides easy […]

Introducing the Agile Leadership Engagement Model E-Book

Earlier this year, I published 9 blog posts walking through an Agile Leadership Engagement Model. You can now download all 9 posts in one convenient document. To be a nimble, adaptable, and agile organization facing new challenges and complexities, traditionally accepted leadership practices from the past must be radically changed. This will require more than […]

Working on a Beating Heart

It’s a very rare opportunity to be able to stop everything a company is doing to take the time to instill necessary transformational and behavioral changes. There are not many “do-overs” when it comes to company culture. We see it over and over – let’s learn how to work together and fix broken or outdated processes […]

Agile, The Amplifier

Newly formed organizations have the benefit of hiring teams, forming culture, and building structure from scratch. Mature organizations do not have this advantage and to stay competitive with newer startups will rely on change initiatives for a rebirth to bring back the spark they once had. Many of these companies are attempting to become agile, […]

The 5 Stages of User Story Sizing

I am often asked about team user story sizing or planning poker and why its use has been advocated in Agile or Scrum circles instead of a using other estimating techniques. While I’m sure there are many opinions out there, capturing story points with group estimating techniques are effective because they weave individual perspectives into […]