Four Characteristics of Memorable Mentors

I have been blessed with many great mentors throughout my career, especially recently. Some of these were formal mentors, while others were informal mentors such as colleagues, bosses or friends. Either way, it is great to have someone you can trust and share your craziest ideas and biggest fears with. After you’ve spoken with a […]

The Caring Leader and the Tour de France

This weekend is the start of the 100th running of the Tour de France. I have always been a fan of the race partly because of the beautiful course locations but mostly because of the incredible physical test the cyclists must endure over three grueling weeks. Last year before the Tour de France I wrote […]

Personal Connection vs. Bringing Condemnation

The words we use with our people will leave a lasting impact. This will always be true for leaders and there is no way around it. When we use critical, demeaning, or harsh words we leave “scar tissue” and it may never go away. This scar tissue often takes the shape of guilt, fear, or […]

Becoming an Indispensable Leader in 2013

The need for visionary, transformational leaders becomes more prevalent every day as our workforce continues to evolve, our businesses adapt to change, and workplace culture becomes more important to our people. People deserve leaders who care and who desire to leave a positive leadership legacy. If you are looking for a couple of additions to […]

Two Things Leaders Should Be

In an earlier post, I discussed two phrases leaders should genuinely say to their people as often as possible. In addition to saying those two phrases, there are a couple of things an effective and transformational leader should also be. The role of leaders and managers is evolving – and it must. Future generations of […]

Becoming a Full-Time Encourager (Small Gestures = Lasting Impact)

I recently received an incredibly cool email of encouragement from a colleague. I’m sure the email took no more than 2 or 3 minutes to write but the impact was tangible and lasting. It validated my effort. It motivated me. It was unexpected. I smiled when I read it. I decided then and there to […]

For Leaders, The Little Things Matter

As leaders, we are often caught up in the whirlwind of responsibility as our focus and attention will naturally shift to strategic endeavors or the issue of the day. While leading a team, department, or organization can consume your day, taking the time to perform small, low energy gestures can make a meaningful difference with […]

Making Performance Reviews Meaningful

The typical corporate performance review…a fascinating and at times, polarizing topic. Some think there are benefits  and others, not so much. Regardless of where you land on the subject of formal mid-year or end-of-year performance reviews, most agree there is room for improvement. So, for the past year I have tried new ideas around performance management […]

The “Domestique” – Leaders, Your Teams, and the Tour de France

I am drawn to watching the Tour de France every year and I’m already looking forward to the event starting this weekend. There is just something about watching people test their physical limits every day in such a beautiful yet challenging environment. I have learned a little about the dynamics of a cycling team and it’s […]