5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring or Promoting an Agile Leader

Your Leadership Legacy Starts Here

As a leader in an organization one of your many expectations would be to determine when one of your direct reports are ready to be promoted into a leadership position or deciding who should be hired from the outside into an open leadership position reporting to you. When promoting internally, this often means deciding when […]

3 Things to Observe in a Sprint Review

For many leaders, the sprint review (or demonstration) is one of the few chances they have to see their direct reports functioning with their Agile team and to witness the outcome of their work. My recommendation would be to attend as many sprint review sessions as you can. Everything you need to know about the health […]

Disposable, Invisible, or Valuable

What do managers really think about the people who report to them? I have been in many conversations with managers about their direct reports and it’s fascinating how the dynamics of the conversation shift based on who they are talking about. Some people are their “rock stars” and when mentioned a manager would often perk up or […]

Get On Board or Get Out…A Leaders Ultimate Ultimatum

Last fall the CEO of AOL made the news by notoriously firing an employee during a “company all” conference call. The recording of the audio and transcript of the event was subsequently released to the internet. While the real-time firing made all the news, reading the transcript further reveals the following ultimatum was directed towards […]

Performance Cannot Be Managed…It Can Only Be Inspired (Part 2)

In Part 1, we discussed a few of the reason why current performance management systems may be flawed and are contributing to the employee disengagement epidemic facing many organizations today. So, if what we have isn’t resonating with many of our people – if it is not inspiring greater performance and engagement – what are […]

Performance Cannot Be Managed…It Can Only Be Inspired (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again…performance management review season. The topic of performance management seems to be in the spotlight more than usual with recent news from Yahoo! and Microsoft. For many of the early years in my career I was an independent consultant but in 2004 I joined a large company as an employee. […]

Shaping Your Leadership Legacy

The success or failure of leaders are often measured with quantifiable metrics – stock price, shareholder value, revenue, expenses, sales, profit – to name a few. In a capitalistic system, focusing on results-based metrics are an important dimension to remaining a viable enterprise… …but something seems to be missing. While preparing for a presentation later this […]

The Importance of Importance

A friend of mine shared a negative experience he recently had with their boss. I won’t get into details of this specific incident but it sounded like this was one in a string of behaviors in which he was left feeling, in his words, “totally unimportant.” The dictionary says we know something is important when […]