Being a Catalyst for Change in a Large Organization

You may find yourself a part of an organization faced with what may seem to be daunting cultural issues. Bureaucracy and politics are the norm and bloated, unproductive processes has demoralized a good slice of your workforce. Sooner or later, leaders in the company will recognize change must come or they are forced into it […]

How to Define Role Clarity in Your Agile Organization

When establishing your Agile framework, there will often be times when you will need to reconcile how roles should interact with each other. This will especially be the case with roles OUTSIDE of your framework such as with senior leadership and operations. To assist in finding role clarity, a “needs-based exercise” was developed to identify […]

Your Agile Framework, Simplicity, and the Constitution

Our Agile Working Team recently gathered to continue making progress on changes we will be making to our Agile framework. These changes are being introduced as we are expanding our Agile implementation to our marketing and advertising groups along with a few other organizational changes. As often happens, the conversation among the group began to […]

How to Find Organizational Change Catalysts

During our transformation journey, we have used core teams to be the “guiding coalition” for change initiatives and I know many organizations do the same thing. As we began the expansion of Agility to other areas of the company (and to improve our existing Agile framework), we again selected a small group of people to […]

Test Your Agile Framework for Simplicity

Processes tend to become complex and unwieldy over time. Our natural tendency is to continue adding process versus removing it so its important to test the simplicity of your processes every once in a while. One way to test for simplicity is to use your full Agile process with your college interns during their time […]

How to Interact with Leaders

Thousands of books, conferences, webinars, videos, blogs, and training sessions have been developed specifically for developing and improving a leaders ability to lead people. The difference between a great leader and an average leader will make all the difference so I can see why there is so much material out there. For this post, however, […]

The Power of Pilots

Leaders are tempted to decide on organizational or workflow changes and reveal them with a “big bang.” The reveal will often include a new org chart with the instructions that we’ll figure out the details later. As organizations grow larger and more complex, the success of implementing change in this way becomes questionable. At the […]

It’s Later Than You Think (Organizational Change and Mountain Climbing)

While writing my earlier post about Coaching Pull, I started to use a mountain climbing analogy but after a few edits it just didn’t seem to fit. But it did get me thinking… Having personally climbed a large mountain (or two) and being active in organizational change initiatives, it seems to me there are some […]

Agile Sustainability using Communities of Practice

In an earlier post explaining our Agile Ecosystem, I mentioned the use of communities of practice as an integral part of an Agile organization.  Well-functioning communities, with clear vision, autonomy, and focus, can become an important component in sustaining your transformation to Agility and the engine for continuous process improvement. Communities of practice are domain-based […]

Steps to Invigorate Your Agile Transformation

It’s been a little more than 18 months since we initially launched our Agile transformation and 9 months since we formally moved from being project-based, siloed, and process heavy to become product-focused, collaborative, and agile.  We have made incredible strides throughout our transformation and have countless success stories from our journey – however – we […]