2015 – A Year in Review

It is a bit crazy to think we are already in 2016 but before we get too far into the new year here is a quick review of what has been happening at Illustrated Agile in 2015.

Thanks to all of the new email subscribers to the blog. It’s been a record year for the number of subscribers this past year and your loyalty and encouragement is appreciated.

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illustrated agile 2015 a year in review

My Favorite Blog Post to Write in 2015

In looking back at the 19 posts from 2015, selecting a favorite means looking back at the easiest to write. Hands down, “What Agile Feels Like” flowed naturally and if memory serves took very little time to write.

“What Agile Feels Like” was the output of conversations with people not very satisfied with the results of their Agile transformation. Many think they have mastered the mechanics of Agile but something still doesn’t feel right. Typically, this happens when the mechanics of Agile clash with a culture still aligned with legacy behaviors and systems. This post explains what I feel and sense from organizations beginning to thrive in an Agile environment and are willing to break free from the past.

The 19 Blog Post Written in 2015

Scrum Master Resolutions (2016 Edition)
In my opinion, the role of Scrum Master will need to evolve to stay relevant. Make 2016 the year for you to begin the journey.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring or Promoting an Agile Leader
Shaping a positive leadership legacy starts with who you hire and promote. Ask yourself these questions before doing either.

A Scrum Master Job Description
How do you know if the Scrum Master you are looking to hire will be the right fit for your Agile journey. Here is a Scrum Master Job Description template to use for your job postings.

So Different…Yet Very Much the Same
A summary of my time coaching in South Africa and discovering no matter where you are in the world we are dealing with many of the same things.

What Agile Feels Like
If you can’t feel an Agile transformation you can bet it isn’t happening. I’m not saying everyday is a party but the energy being emitted should be palpable.

How to Capture Scrum Master Feedback
Integrating feedback from an Agile team into existing performance management systems can be tricky. Here are a few thoughts on how to capture feedback for your Scrum Masters.

The Anatomy of an Impediment
Most Scrum Masters would say removing impediments are a part of their responsibilities. But what is an impediment anyway?

Is “Protecting the Team” the Right Thing?
A Scrum Master often thinks they need to protect the team from outside distractions. Are they doing more harm than good?

Becoming a Radiating Team
A sure sign a team is not radiating information is when someone requests a status report. Transparency should be a natural part of the DNA of an agile team.

Preparing People for Organizational Change
Change is always a personal journey and everyone’s experience will always be different. With this post, we talk about how we can prepare people for change.

The Deliberate Practice of Being Agile
Can we deliberately and intentionally practice becoming a team? Can we find ways to design the improvement of teams and agility into everyday life? I think we can.

Creating an Environment of Confidence
Many organizations are struggling with a demoralized and weary workforce. Here are a couple of ideas for helping people find, build, gain, and keep confidence.

The Elephant in the Room (A Performance Review Conundrum)
In response to an Ask Anything question from a reader, we dig into how to handle a challenging performance review issue.

An Important But Uncooperative Team Member
It only takes one. Every so often, we bump up against an important team member who creates challenges to creating a healthy team environment. This Ask Anything question provides a few options with how to handle it.

8 Rituals of Amazing Scrum Masters
After coaching and observing many Scrum Masters, here are a few of the rituals of the ones making the biggest impact within their organization.

5 Common Pitfalls for a Product Owner
The Product Owner is a linchpin role for an Agile team. Here are a few thoughts on how to keep them healthy, engaged and productive.

3 Things to Observe in a Sprint Review
Just about everything you need to know about how an Agile team is performing can be witnessed in the Sprint Review session. Here’s what to look for.

Help! My Company is Stuck… (part 2)
Change is hard. Transformation is hard. Well, life is hard. Continuing a theme from a post from 2014 (part 1) about to spark your transformation efforts.

2015 New Years Resolutions for Scrum Masters
Slow down and find time for yourself, letting going of control, and investing in experiences. These resolutions for 2015 still apply today.

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