2013 – Year in Review

Thank you to all of the Illustrated Agile readers who made 2013 so awesome. The reason Illustrated Agile exists is to encourage you in your journey as a change agent and for you to become a catalyst for introducing agility concepts and practices into your organization. I’m looking forward to continuing the journey with all of you in 2014…have a fantastic new year!

2013 Highlights
Most Shared Posts. How to Be an Amazing Agile Teammate (posted in October of 2012) with a close second to Going Agile? 5 Must Ask Questions for Leaders (also posted in October of 2012)

Most Viewed Post. Scrum Master Interview Questions (posted in June of 2012). The post bubbled to the top of the search engines early in the year. It appears many people were looking to become a Scrum Master in 2013!

The One Post to Read if You Are Just Starting an Agile Transformation. Making Your Agile Transformation Personal (January). People are often “forced” to a change or participate in a change initiative but it must be a uniquely personal experience for everyone.

My Favorite Posts to Write This Year. I couldn’t choose just one so here are a few of the posts that seemed to write themselves: Releasing Organizational Scar Tissue (June), Shaping Your Leadership Legacy (October), Working on a Beating Heart (May), Agile, The Amplifier (May), and Why the Rituals of Agile Matter (January).

The Leadership Engagement Model. Early in 2013, I posted a series 9 posts introducing key leadership topics crucial to organizations looking to improve culture and employee engagement in an agile environment. You can download this as a PDF file of all the post here.

Facebook Page. Don’t forget to like us! I’m hoping to post frequently here in 2014 and also include more pictures.

Site Redesign. New layout in 2013 with every post now accessible from the home page. Also included are new sections for Presentations, Downloads, and Sketches.

Here are all 41 posts from 2013:
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