Introducing the Agile Leadership Engagement Model E-Book

Earlier this year, I published 9 blog posts walking through an Agile Leadership Engagement Model. You can now download all 9 posts in one convenient document.

To be a nimble, adaptable, and agile organization facing new challenges and complexities, traditionally accepted leadership practices from the past must be radically changed.

This will require more than obtaining leadership “buy-in” to become more “Agile.” Leaders will need to evolve along with the people participating on the front lines of change. They will need to model the same value-based behavior and activities we will be asking of our teams.

The Agile Leadership Engagement Model provides a high-level view of possible behaviors, work products and relationships between senior leadership, mid-level leaders and product teams. It will not however provide all the answers, as every organization and every situation will be different. This will not be the prescription for your organizational dysfunction.

What the model does provide is a simplistic starting point. A starting point for you or your guiding change coalition to begin including your leadership team into your transformation journey and to start the challenging conversations your organization has previously avoided. Use this model to begin asking powerful questions of each other.

Included in the PDF is a “Beyond the Blog” section with a few additional thoughts about putting the Agile Leadership Engagement Model together.

Download the Agile Leadership Engagement Model here.

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