The Required Boldness

Companies are springing up with new thinking about how to structure and lead their organizations. I can think of Spotify, Valve and HubStop just to name a few and I’m sure there are plenty more out there. Every time I hear stories about these companies I am encouraged about what the future holds.

I feel a whole new way of approaching corporate structure, culture, collaboration and leadership is on the horizon. Many existing companies are taking great strides in changing their workplace to be more competitive and responsive…and dare we say, more human. They realize they must change or become obsolete.

For now however, the majority of people still work in companies stuck in the 20th century. If this includes you, bringing about structural, systemic, and foundational change will need a movement…and it will require boldness.

If you haven’t seen this video from Steve Denning from the StoosConnect event early this year it’s worth the 12 minutes. Starting at  7 minute mark he begins to speak passionately of the boldness we will need to see meaningful change happen.

Change is coming…

Be an instigator. Know what you value. Form a movement. Be passionate. Speak up. Be bold.

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