Introducing the Agile Leadership Engagement Series

A challenge many organizations face when navigating a transformational journey is how to integrate leaders into the change process. The change is often supported (or perhaps mandated) from the top and while they know their organizational culture must function different than what it is today, leaders often don’t realize how they will need to change.

A while back I provided a high level sketch of an Agile Leadership Engagement Model I have used help explain an approach to engage leaders with Agile teams. Through the coaxing of a few colleagues, I will start digging into each section of the model with a little more detail through a series of 9 blog posts.

Hopefully, this series can become a catalyst to trigger conversation within your organization about the role of leadership and the relationship leaders should have on your transformation journey and with your Agile teams.

The goal is to write three posts every week so we should be able to cover the entire model in the next three weeks. Look for the first post on Friday, February 22nd.

Plenty of writing to do so let’s get busy!


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