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2 thoughts on “Nice Turnout

  1. Len –

    Thanks for sharing tonight with the Milwaukee SPIN! It was my first SPIN meeting and well worth the time. Your presentation was very insightful! One question: With what percentage of time spent in Communities of Practice (how) vs. working on task delivery (what) have you found your teams to be most effective? We’ve got a lot of development resources who could benefit substantially from more time in that realm, learning from one another, but allocating the time for that can, at times, be a hard sell.


    • Great question Erich! While we don’t have an explicit expectation around how much time is spent with communities it probably averages around 2 hours a week or around 5% of their time. Some communities meet weekly while others get together once a month but we let the communities decide.

      It was great to experience Milwaukee SPIN last night for the first time as well. Sure seems like a vibrant and active group!