The Scrum Master Performance Review Step 4 – Delivering the Results

This is the third in a series of posts walking through my approach to the performance review process for Scrum Masters.

10. Visually show the results based on the Scrum Master expectations diagram.

To assist in keeping the performance review discussion focused, I take the expectations diagram created in step #1 and draw indicators next to each expectation.  This indicator is used to display where the Scrum Master is excelling and where there may be development opportunities.  This may be a bit “grade-schoolish” but using this technique is probably more for me than for the Scrum Master as it ensures that the feedback I’m giving stays in alignment with the expectations set.

11. Focus on the positives and personal strengths (75%) and share the specifics for development areas (25%).
Walk through each expectation and over-emphasize the positives.  Again, the assumption I made during the introductory post is that this person is someone who should be and who wants to be a Scrum Master.  If you are having a tough time coming up with enough positives then you are probably dealing with someone who should not be a Scrum Master and the appropriate steps should be taken to move this person into another role.  If you have taken the time to meet with your Scrum Masters on a frequent basis throughout the year than the development areas should not be a surprise.  Use this time to start talking about how this translates into a development plan for next year.

12. Reveal and discuss the ratings from #9 and how they were translated from the expectations.

Share their overall rating and drill into the individual competency ratings as necessary.  Typically, bonus and salary adjustments are made based on these ratings so take the time to ensure that your Scrum Master has a complete understanding of the approach used to determine these ratings.  Some organizations use employee calibration or “forced rankings.”  Hopefully, your company does not uses these, but if you are required to do so, be explicit with where your team member landed in this process.

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